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Summer 2018 update


That's Luxembourgish for hello. While on holidays in Luxembourg, I found some time to update the Celex aligner launched in 2016.

The most visible change is the automatic update of the results page. You won't have to hit F5 to see the results.

However, there are many more changes:

- while still awkward, the manual split of segments in Firefox and Internet Explorer works better;

- segments with aligner errors will be highlighted in yellow;

- segments with large source/target length differences (most likely alignment errors) will be highlighted in pink after pressing the corresponding quality check button;

- now EU treaties and CJUE documents can be processed too;

- the segmentation of consolidated versions has been improved;

- also the segmentation of Special Edition OJs (i.e. RO, BG, HR pre-accession translations) has been improved;

- the processing of large Eur-Lex files has been enabled, but note that you need a good computer to display those big HTML files.

That would be all for now!

Published by Filip, Aug. 5, 2018, 10:55 a.m.

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