Transverbis | Translations

We translate in the following language pairs:
English into Romanian;
Romanian into English;
French into Romanian;
French into English.
Please contact us for additional language pairs.
EU translations
We are specialized in translations for the EU institutions and we are familiar with the terminology and the rules used by them.
Water and sanitation, environment
Our translators’ experience in this field covers more than a decade. We are familiar with fields such as water supply and sewerage systems, flood management systems, land use planning, hydraulic and hydrological modelling, mapping and GIS, waste management etc.
We have a considerable experience with the European law, as members of our team participated to the translation of the acquis communautaire into Romanian, and also with the Romanian law (as translators of the Romanian Labour Code).
We work with banks and financial institutions and translate documents such as annual reports, financial statements or presentation leaflets.
We provide subtitling (translation and cueing) services for documentaries, TV series, motion pictures and stand-up shows, from English into Romanian and from Romanian into English. We also provide English-English Hard of hearing (HoH) services.
You have some pages or files to translate into another language. You do not have the resources and/or the expertise to make the translation in-house. Therefore, you contact Transverbis and send us the documents to be translated.
Then we deliver you the translated files, usually by e-mail.  The translation will  be subject to a strict quality control process, from linguistic quality to formatting issues, and the terminology will comply with the guidelines and reference documents in the field.
Sometimes you already have the translation, but you are not satisfied with it. You can provide us the original document and your translation and we can revise (i.e. improve) the translated text, to make it sound naturally in the target language and comply with the terminological conventions in the field.
You have the resources to make the translation in-house, but you would like to check the key terms with us. You can send us a terminological list and we’ll research them and provide you their translations, with all necessary references.
Electronic files
For editable files, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint (but not PDF), the target (translated) files will fully observe the source format. In their case, our tools will automatically transfer the formatting elements to the translated file.
Paper and PDF
Paper and PDF documents usually require an additional pre-processing phase (scanning and/or OCR). After that stage, the usual process will follow.
Notarised translations
We can also make notarised translations. They involve a notary public and we have to physically see the original document before notarising it.


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